Droopler Documentation

See what Droopler is capable of!

Droopler utilizes Paragraphs to build content in a comfortable, Lego-like way. Take a while to see the examples of each Paragraph. You will be surprised how much you can achieve.

Available Paragraphs


A typical banner with text and CTA button, located on top of a large background image.


A Drupal 8 form with an image background. Bootstrap 4 controls the form's styling.

Text Blocks

A group of text block. Each of them contains an icon, title, body and CTA.

Sidebar Image

Full width Paragraph with an image moved to the left or right side. Often used one after another.

Subscribe For File

A simple form that allows file download in exchange of user e-mail. Contains consent fields.


A simple text that can be extended by headers, icon or CTA. Designed to show long text content.

Text With Background

Similar to Text Paragraph but with additional background image (and a white mask over it).


A very simple gallery with Colorbox library support. It shows four images in a row.


A Slick-based carousel that allows you to make a vertically scrollable list of items.


A list of important company numbers that are counted up when they enter the viewport.

Sidebar Embed

With this Paragraph, you can put an external iframe on our website (ex. Google Maps or YouTube).

Tiles Paragraphs

Tiles and Sidebar Tiles - two similar paragraphs with a great looking, Masonry gallery.