Carousel Paragraph

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Full Example:

Carousel Paragraph is another type of list. The items are sliding from right to left, one by one. You decide how many items are visible. Below you can see a full version of the carousel. With icon, description and fully equipped boxes.

Logos Example:

The Carousel is perfect for presenting a sliding list of logotypes. If you organize an event with the help of sponsors or cooperate with a lot of partners, you usually want to honor them on your website. Of course, you can wrap each item with a hyperlink.

Opinions Example:

Does only one item in the Carousel make sense at all? Of course! With one piece of content visible at the time, you can build a list of testimonials. The image field serves as a person's photo, and the description field holds the opinion.

Columns Example:

What if you want four columns in the row in a carousel with precisely four items? There would be nothing to slide! Droopler is prepared for such edge cases. It automatically decreases column count to show a list as a slider. Look at the example below. There are four items in four columns, automatically fitted into three columns.